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--- Precision Voltage Output Accelerometers 100 Series


VISONG TEST°Įs 100 Series ®CLow Impedance Voltage Output with Integral Electronics Piezoelectric Accelerometer has build-in microelectronic circuitry to convert charge signal to low impedance voltage output.

100 series accelerometers high light:

-   All Build-in microelectronic circuits are designed and made in USA

-   High Resolution, Low Broadband Electric Noise at 10¶ŐV

-   Operation Temperature Range: -40°„C - +125°„C £®-40°„C - +250°„C for J series products£©

All Shear Design Sensing Element

-   Parallel or Triangle Shear Design with Memory Alloy Fasten Feature

-   Choices of High Precision Imported Piezoelectric Ceramic£®J series products£© or Normal Domestic Piezoelectric Ceramic for different  applications

-   Economic design with annular shear sensing element

Package and Power Supplier

 - 100 series accelerometers work with any type of constant current power supplier with supply voltage of 18-30V, and can be directly connected to a data acquisition with current power supplier.

 - The standard accessory of the accelerometer includes one low noise cable (1m) and a calibration certificate.

VISONG TEST°Įs 100 Series Accelerometer Technical Specification Data

  General Standard Model
  Multiple Axis Model
  Industrial Environment Measurement Model
  Special Application Model
  Economic Version


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